The presented project is based on the production of environmentally friendly paper bottles by recycling paper waste. This project provides a wide range of opportunities to reduce plastic pollution, which is considered a global problem, and to use paper raw materials instead of plastic products in everyday life.

The advent of digital camera’s have rendered many fine, quality film based 35 m/m cameras obsolete. Many consumers and photographers still own these film based camera’s and would desire to continue using them.

Unless specifically trained, a Dog has no idea of how to behave when leased. Dog parents are often seen switching hands, spinning around – doing the Dog's work instead.

Proposed is a novel concept for walking the Dog.

Nano hydro electric generator will be added value to generate electricity from the existing cooling circuits in all types of vehicle applications.

This product is a community sized unit that converts food waste to energy and compost. Each American produces 231lbs of food waste a year. Rather than this being a problem it can be a valuable commodity.

Food waste is a noxious material if dumped on landfill.

This project is about building a safe helmet for NFL players that will help them prevent concussion while playing the game.

EasySort is the AI-based waste sorting complex that identifies unwanted goods and waste products as either paper, plastic or mixed type rubbish.

Vehicles use gasoline, diesel, or electricity as a form of fuel sources. These are all non-renewable sources. When we consider a Hybrid car, we are using gasoline as well as electricity. These are not favorable fuel sources for the long-term,

KLOP is designed to tackle COVID-19 imaging as well as other micro infectious disease. Our software prototype provides three (3) major services which are imaging, diagnosis and Diagnosis Result Interpretation which is indicated as percentage confidence feature.

Facial protective masks are shown to be the "front-line" in  controlling the spread of the COVID 19 virus. However, they have characteristics that can be enhanced by simple technical modifications.

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