Every year, wildfires destroy important ecosystems as well as valuable properties around the world. The cost of the damage caused by wildfires is estimated in the tens of billions of dollars every year, and the method used to put out these fires are very rudimentary;


Over 97% of our transportation energy comes from oil, but the United States controls just 3% of the proven oil reserves and must import from other countries. Coal and Natural Gas power stations use our abundant resources to provide 61% of our grid energy needs,

Potholes and bumps in the road won’t matter anymore. You can replace your car, boat, snowmobile, and troop-carrier with a single vehicle. Though the long dreamed-of flying car has eluded us for decades, by modifying our vision of a flying car, we can make it a reality.

The invention is a pandemic-proof mass transportation system that more than doubles the capacity of the existing right of ways of present day subways and light rail systems and dramatically reduces trip times.

The Enduralock Locking Header Bolt is a mechanically locking, high vibration resistant fastener, that for maintenance is easily reversible and reusable. Application (or removal) only requires a standard hex socket. The components are manufactured through a forging and stamping process to greatly reduce the cost in production.

Lithium ion and other batteries have become ubiquitous as society moves to re-usable energy yet create a significant new and relatively unaddressed hazard.

A method of creating a permanent record of Force-time or Load-time using inexpensive pressure sensitive strips. These strips change color with applied pressure, the color being equivalent to the pressure applied.The strips are commercially available.

Every year thousands of families or friends take their vacations together, many of them take their cars and go for a walk or adventure. While driving their cars, many cannot communicate with each other unless they have bluethoth service or park to do so.

OSC+ collects top- and mid-level oil spills in sea physically. Powered by wind and sun, the pump generates bubbles from seafloor that carry mid-level spill to surface. The top-level spills are collected by water level difference generated by bubbling.

Hey it is me, Darwin. Who would have known that we would be kicking off a new project during a pandemic, a social reform, and a recession? To better understand,

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