Lithium ion and other batteries have become ubiquitous as society moves to re-usable energy yet create a significant new and relatively unaddressed hazard.

In March 2020, following the COVID-19 outbreak,

The lightweight modular defensive wall (LMDW) is a mechanism for the protection of personnel, buildings and equipment at designated locations.

A defensive wall concept has been schemed that has a thickness of 400mm.

Hey it is me, Darwin. Who would have known that we would be kicking off a new project during a pandemic, a social reform, and a recession? To better understand,

RoboCo is an educational sandbox video game about designing and building robots to serve the needs of squishy, hapless humans in the world of tomorrow. Assemble bots piece by piece, rigging each creation with motors, gears, and customizable wireless controls in order to conquer tricky,

With the rapid expansion that is taking place with e-commerce and world markets, the delivery element needs to be refined, because it involves every aspect of our lives. From consumer discretionary and staple items to materials and equipment, the existing trucking industry can be improved.

S.D.F. CAR is a fertilizer soil improving machine that can carbonize and decompose wheat and rice straw in real time.S.D.F. CAR can be connected to the rear of harvester to receive wheat and rice straw discharged after harvesting,

A wearable keyboard controller for use while using a VR or other head mounted display. Much of the productivity of a computing device depends on the ability to access a keyboard and mouse. Gestures, Voice, and controller wands are adequate for gaming and the manipulation of existing content,

This is a body sense and attitude monitoring device equipped for animals. Send and receive body messages through dynamic, heart rhythm and pressure detection modules to assess a wide range of diseases. And can be installed in accordance with the needs of animals modules for breeding, livestock, competition,

This paint brush has a simple stamped piece of steel overmolded in the handle. With this the user can now open a paint can without having to look for a separate opener or use some other tool.

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