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The chrome tubes give a sustained appearance as well as golden parts all around this desk. It is innovative with its four boxes separated by a shelf for transferring documents on one side or the other. An upper part has been added which will allow the use of a rectangular table where it will be possible to deposit additional documents or utensils. The four legs will be square, thin, modern with a gold-plated coating which will give an additional aspect to the design. For this desk, a rolling box will be added with several drawers matched with a satin black varnish.


This new IT project linked to this office will allow several orders such as the closing of drawers by fingerprint lock which will allow securing of confidential documents for example.

A 22-inch touch screen installed on the office table, which will allow you to view e-mail, appointments and schedules, VoIP communication, etc. on site.

This office will offer to have a reduction in wiring for a more beautiful appearance.

The computer implementation system will be controlled by a mini central unit based on a quad-core processor, resulting in low consumption with increased performance for the proper functioning of software.



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    Pilato David
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    Design and electronic
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    I imagined this office based on the science fiction film Cypher:, a style office with a modern and futuristic aspect, black being dominant in this office. I created the office "BlackCypher", to realize a new utility for furniture dedicated to use. I then imagined a concept linking new technologies to designer furniture.
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    Catia V5
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