Coconut Shell Face Mask

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Protective face mask are on high demand due to covid-19/ corona virus pandemic. Variety of face mask are available from simple bandana face mask to N95 mask. I am proposing a coconut shell face mask, which is no doubt very difficult for any virus to penetrate through and eventually provide us good protection. Most importantly it is easy to make without any stitching, second it is natural and the third, it is made from waste material of coconut. Just take round shaped coconut shell, sand it smoothly, then make a groove to fit it in nose part of face. Then cover entire edge of the shell with smooth cloth or sponge for safety. The coconut shell already having three holes, just put some filter like HEPA filter or even cotton cloths with more layers inside the three holes. And your mask is ready. Now fix elastic at the two sides and use. It is simple, reusable and safe.


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    Sanjay Puranik
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