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QmOLED:-In this concept white microLED pixels are used for light emission and quantum dots tuned for blue, green red colors are coated for specific pixels. By using this technology, we get best of both microLED and quantum dots, namely no burn ins, no color shift due to degradation, infinite contrast, high brightness and color accuracy and full color spectrum. And above all since only one type of microLED (namely white or similar color LEDs) are used manufacturing cost of MicroLED display will be very less.

QOLED: -In this concept white OLED pixels are used for light emission and quantum dots tuned for blue, green red colors are coated for specific pixels. By using this technology, we get best of ...


On aluminum structure shape with parameters 10*10*20 CM is taken,
inside of which Peltier module is attached with ceramic paste at height
of 3CM.

While on outer side, heat sink is attached with ceramic paste. Outer
shape is cylindrical and has diameter of 20CM and height of 30 CM.

Aluminum foil plate is attached to all four Peltier module. Maximum
aluminum foil plate is attached over Peltier module to get maximum
coolness accumulation.

Turbo fan with speed of 1500 RPM is attached on height of 12.5 CM.

While outer side has given space for water with heat sink visible

6. Air filter as seen in fig is attached inside the opening for air intake
and filtration.

7. One more shape is also made to place fragrance gel for freshness.

8. Below the ...

Thermoelectric coolers operate by the Peltier effect. The device has two sides, and when a DC electric current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other, so that one side gets cooler while the other gets hotter. The "hot" side is attached to a heat sink so that it remains at ambient temperature, while the cool side goes below room temperature. In this device cooling module is used to remove heat from water to make it cooler. It transfers heat to heat sink for heat ...

Crest spray and mist actuator has a sleek modern design, suitable for delivering high performance and end- user experience. It is designed for hair styling and personal grooming; it is compatible with a wide range of valves bag on valves and standard LI valves. It can be reusable on another bottle and has a comb integrated into the overall design that adds an extra functionality to the actuator. It is easy to use on the go.

Crest is an innovative aerosol spray actuator for hair styling and personal grooming. This practical spray concept is easy to apply. There is a comb merged into the top surface. After actuation of the aerosol, it sprays inclined at an angle to the ...

When I was a child, I recall, distinctly, a time when someone was so excited about a fragrant orange peel, and its health benefits, that they squeezed the wet peel in front of my face. It got in my eyes and I obviously thought that I was being poisoned. Why? It HURT my eyes.

Nowadays, people are attuned to things like allergies to fragrances and strengths of produce. For some reason, manufacturing has not always updated its methods to accommodate our newfound knowledge of sensitivities. Case study: Tana Mongeau March 2020 fragrance release is accused of utilizing cheap packaging. Another problem that affects buyers is what to do when the packaging breaks, as the product is lost.

The solution ...

What Problem We are Solving

The problem we have solved is meeting the need for better and more nutritious meat substitutes that possess the ability to have multiple healthy components placed in the product matrix. Examples include microencapsulated flavors, alga's, and Cannabis extracts.

As the present population ages and succumbs to attrition, younger consumers, who have been educated as to the health value of eliminating red meats and some poultry in the diet, will move closer to eliminating red meats and poultry altogether. The younger generation, largely due to internet access, have learned that eliminating red meats/poultry can result in improved health and longevity. Red meats, poultry and some fish products are injected with chemicals found to be detrimental ...

The chrome tubes give a sustained appearance as well as golden parts all around this desk. It is innovative with its four boxes separated by a shelf for transferring documents on one side or the other. An upper part has been added which will allow the use of a rectangular table where it will be possible to deposit additional documents or utensils. The four legs will be square, thin, modern with a gold-plated coating which will give an additional aspect to the design. For this desk, a rolling box will be added with several drawers matched with a satin black varnish.


This new IT project linked to this office will allow several orders such as the closing of drawers by ...

You step on the platform, witch is big enough for your whole foot, and push a button to go up or down. It is run by your 24v drill batteries. The handle has the button you hold on to in order to go up or down. Holding on to the handle will give you better stability, especially going down. I don't know if you have ever thought you were all the way down and you had 2 steps to go, wow that was a big step to the ...
SelectFlex® is the World’s Only Dynamic Arch Control Insole with Energy Return. SelectFlex arch insoles lift your arches into alignment with each step, to relieve foot pain with maximum comfort.

A simple turn of the key provides 1 2 3 levels of optimal lifting arch support for superior performance from healthier and happier feet!

Quinnipiac University's Motion Analysis Lab found the PowerLiftArch™ dynamically increased arch support by up to 52%.

The University of Edinburgh olympic test facility measured the heel PowerCup™ providing up to 50% more ankle alignment and stability.

SelectFlex is engineered with medical grade polymers, an ergonomic shell, padded by a super soft composite memory foam foot pad that is antimicrobial and surfaced by a low friction moisture wicking fabric.

SelectFlex ...

As it becomes apparent that the COVID-19 virus can be exhaled as an airborne pathogen, it becomes equally important to protect oneself from inhaling the virus in its bioaerosol form.

Proposed is a downdraft visor, the device worn as shown provides a steady downdraft stream of filtered air across the wearer’s face. A rechargeable battery unit powers mini-fans to draw in ambient air through a milli-pore HEPA filtration cartridge directing it downward in front of the wearer’s face.

The constant stream of filtered air directed across the front of the wearer's face at 50ft/min provides sufficient airflow to prevent exhaled aerosolized droplets of the COVID-19 virus entering the user’s airways via the nose and mouth into the lungs.

The device can be ...

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