Consumer Product Design

The Titus Sub Woofer is taking sub woofer design far outside the box... so to speak.

The presented project is based on the production of environmentally friendly paper bottles by recycling paper waste. This project provides a wide range of opportunities to reduce plastic pollution, which is considered a global problem, and to use paper raw materials instead of plastic products in everyday life.

Trombone is an app designed and developed to help you find the right band for your event. If you’re throwing a house party, planning a wedding or hosting a corporate event; use our app to find and book bands based on your location, price and taste in music.

The invention disclosed here is perhaps the most significant innovation in loudspeaker design since the invention of the acoustic suspension speaker in 1954.

Getting good clean bass from a reasonably sized speaker enclosure is not easy.

Have you ever experienced a part of you private data lost or erased? What sort of private storage you have for the data? How many cloud services all your family members may have and take charges?

Using 2007 ACS data, it is estimated that a person in the United States can expect to move 11.7 times in their lifetime. The proposed idea addresses the difficulty to manage your mailing address in the event of a move.

Our battle with air pollution is not just above ground, it is also under; pollution on underground transportation, e.g. London Underground (LU), can be 20 times* higher than roadside air.

Protective face mask are on high demand due to covid-19/ corona virus pandemic. Variety of face mask are available from simple bandana face mask to N95 mask. I am proposing a coconut shell face mask,

Those shoes can be easily put on and took down standing or sitting. There is no need to bend down or use your hands. Each foot is taking care of each other – in other words, fastens and unfastens the shoes.

Who needs those shoes?

Back injury is the top cause of a “job related disability.” More than one million back injuries are sustained in the workplace every year. Back pain accounts for more than 200 million lost work days per year.

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