Consumer Product Design

The chrome tubes give a sustained appearance as well as golden parts all around this desk. It is innovative with its four boxes separated by a shelf for transferring documents on one side or the other.

You step on the platform, witch is big enough for your whole foot, and push a button to go up or down. It is run by your 24v drill batteries. The handle has the button you hold on to in order to go up or down.

SelectFlex® is the World’s Only Dynamic Arch Control Insole with Energy Return. SelectFlex arch insoles lift your arches into alignment with each step, to relieve foot pain with maximum comfort.

As it becomes apparent that the COVID-19 virus can be exhaled as an airborne pathogen, it becomes equally important to protect oneself from inhaling the virus in its bioaerosol form.

Proposed is a downdraft visor,

After reading numerous articles about football helmet design and the comments that "there will never be a concussion-proof football helmet," I am concerned about my grandson who plays high school football. I am also an aerospace materials engineer who does not like the term "never.

"CLOCKVID-20" is a voice controlled, subtle, home assistant which helps loneliness. This encourages people in self-isolation (who are discouraged from staying at home during lockdown) to unlock their social side.

COVID-19 is the largest pandemic in over 100 years.

RoFo MOTORCYCLE BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser. Made of lightweight food-grade quality plastic, Polyethylene (PE) , or Polypropylene (PP) . Its design allows for practical weight distribution of content, without being “jumpy”. Empty, weighs about 1 ½ pounds. Full, weighs approximately 97 fl oz.

Underwater divers may swim in waters with limited visibility. Commercial divers may operate at depths where sunlight does not penetrate.

Sonar images could be presented on a organic led emitting diode screen which replaces the diver's normal mask. The proposed mask covers the entire view of the diver.

Ambient Updraft Power Converter

Air moves up because of relative heat and density. Density is caused by the distance from the center of the earth and the amount of air on top of the air.

Competitive sports are a large part of today’s society. Many players of all ages are at risk of injury due to the pressure of wanting to win and doing well for fans. The excitement of winning,

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