Consumer Product Design

With viruses being a major problem today I designed a low cost, easy to produce personal protection suit that would allow people to still move about and perform some functions without exposing themselves to the hazardous environment we have today and in the future.

This is a product designed specifically for the homeless.

It can effectively help the homeless and provide them a place to sleep and rest with the least cost. This will let them realize that society and the government have not forgotten them. In additional,

I have been reading and hearing that the United States is very short on hospital rooms where people infected with this new virus can be isolated to prevent the spreading .

I think I have a very simple solution that can be produced inexpensively,

One hand replacing two-hands to perform dual fastener fastening or loosening, the “1 hand DUAL FASTENER MANIPULATION DEVICE" can be used to manipulate two fasteners with the same axis of rotation and to manipulate the fasteners of the same axis of rotation separated by the intermediate material,

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