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PID control system of a light meter that measures and regulates the lighting of a lamp.

Today, photodiode is used to measure the light and it´s combined with a mathematical algorithm to reduce the error ... if we use the PID control to measure the light, then we can make infinitesimal measurements of light and this leads us to measure and see unimaginable things on the universe

Among other things, I'm proposing the invention of a sensor that doesn´t exist yet, and is similar to the one I have used (LDR), and can revolutionize many things.

APPLICATIONS: Photography, Astronomy, Architecture, and Cataract Surgery.

a) The LDR sensor delivers an analog voltage ...

This prototype can help in achieving the long awaited dream of a self powered hydroponic farm. We all are aware of the fact that a hydroponic system requires high energy consumption which led to meagre growth in this sector and lost prime focus from corporate and govt agencies. With my prototype, hydroponic energy consumption will be free of cost and improve yield and tech farmer interest.


Here a part of the farm is utilised for pellet production, either tree or energy grass can be used. The raw material will be dried and converted to pellets with the pellet making machine which is then further utilised for Mini Thermal Power Plant. The exhaust gas is then stored inside ...

IOTA is a training tool designed to give elite level speed skaters real-time, comprehensive feedback during on-ice training. It provides an unprecedented level of analysis not only to coaches but also directly to athletes. The system comprises a suit outfitted with 26 embedded IMU sensors that record and analyze performance in real-time and communicate this data through digestible graphics via the accompanying app. In addition to visual feedback, athletes have the option to get real-time auditory feedback via an earbud. IOTA captures body position, speed, lap times, heart rate, track patterns, and blood pressure and uses algorithms to determine each athlete’s optimum in these categories.

IOTA is unlike any other training tool in that it provides comprehensive performance data ...

The new processor pushes back boundaries with outstanding performance and extraordinary efficiency. Its number crunching qualities are undisputed. The 1 kHz processor (eight bit wide) delivers 18,000 petaflops of calculation. It is a system of using decimal or higher number system in processor; I also designed a sample circuit for representing decimal system electronically using transistors, which was a major hurdle in designing such a system.

This is a new computer system that can provide enormous processing power, such that it will provide tomorrow’s supercomputing power on today’s handheld devices. The new concept is based on principles of analogue amplification and programming of computer is simple and similar to digital computers. The high-tech invention is called ‘Hinary Processor’ and it ...

Instead of walking to the mail box and finding it empty, or not yet delivered, have a mail box sensor that detects opening, and change inbox volume, and sends notification to a smart phone. The sensor would be battery operated, and should last two years.

The notification would be "mail ...

The standard smartphone dimensions are: 7cm wide by 14 cm high 1cm spessore.

We are proposing a three foldable screens smartphone, utilizing same technology as the two foldable system just introduced in the market. With a total screen dimensions when unfolded of 21 cm width by 14 cm high, a 2/3 relationship similar to standard tablet or laptop pc and proportions. It will have the possibility to be utilized asa laptop with enough RAM and HD, two ubs connections , an external window in the main side when folded. Weight will be in the order of 200 grams . It will be equipped with a button switch for opening with one hand. It could be utilized asa telephone, a ...

A fabric able to detect the presence of liquids on its surface. The Liquid Sensor is an advanced textile layer able to detect any type of liquid drip present on its surface. This sensor is stretchable, and it is possible to sew it onto other fabrics, like bed pads. The sensor is made by skin compatible materials, and does not produce irritation when in contact with skin. It is fully washable with standard washing ...

Made in the USA

The "RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program" http://www.R2Pv1.com/  can be used to teach the entire product manufacturing process + it can be completed at home with a small desktop 3D printer. 

• Controlling various electronic devices, sensors and motors
• Using different micro-controller chips in circuit designs
• Structured Programming style using BASIC and c languages
• Phonemes for speech and song
• 3D Printing to make mostly snap together or very easy to assemble robot toys and other robotic/animatronic systems
• Art for finishing and painting plastic parts
• Mechanical systems assembling the various "X-Projects" and X-Project displays
• Theater Arts to write short video scripts for the projects (robotic ...

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