In the recent time of the global pandemic, it was observed that the world is incapable of handling pandemic situations like COVID-19. The primary factor which leads to a catastrophic level pandemic is overpopulation (also dense population) & contemporary lifestyle of humanity.

Concentrated heat loads i.e., very high heat fluxes from electronic components present significant thermal management challenges in defense, space, and commercial applications. Such high heat fluxes increase the temperature of components beyond permissible operational limits.

To increase the processing speed and reduce the power consumption of electronic devices, the microelectronics industry continues to push for increasingly smaller feature sizes. Realizing this miniaturization will require the development of robust resist materials as templates to transfer circuit patterns into device-useful substrates such as silicon.

Flux Rose (unit) is a connected light fitting that controls the room light via a Wi-Fi connection to the local wireless router. The app in turn connects to the Flux Rose devices via the router and is installed on a phone, tablet or PC.

Cornell Dubilier PPC Series 1mm-Thin Polymer Aluminum Electrolytics

Provides High Ripple Current and Capacitance
Thinner than a dime, available in custom values and shapes.

The new PPC Series of ultra-thin polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier represents a totally new capacitor form factor.

It only dawns on people, the necessity of life, when someone else is in danger. As seen on numerous occasions, human life is lost due to the incompetence of another living being not to reach the specific accident location on time. When it comes to speed,

Wheatstone bridge and capacitance are among the most popular pressure sensing principals used in pressure sensors. Wheatstone bridge comprises resistor network formed as thin film strain gauge on metal diaphragm or as piezo resistive element on silicon diaphragm,

I want to tell you today about a new notebook prototype. Imagine the most expensive notebook in the world in the latest model. How do you imagine its appearance? Is the body made of gold, the microprocessor is the most powerful, the RAM is too big? No.

In this work, we explore the implementations of the buck converter and the boost converter, using Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) Nano-electromechanical (NEM) relays, for on-chip voltage conversions.

Our study exploits the design approach for relay-based DC-DC converters using an inductorless,

Fantasy Iris is an electronic iris color changing film that allows users to change the iris style according to different occasions; and provides Ring Code (ring matrix graphic code) to provide users with more secure iris encryption identification.

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