All countries are facing the coronavirus pandemic. This disease is highly contagious. Best way to avoid it is to keep social distancing. But maintaining the distance is difficult in crowded places. No one follows the markings.

This is a body sense and attitude monitoring device equipped for animals. Send and receive body messages through dynamic, heart rhythm and pressure detection modules to assess a wide range of diseases. And can be installed in accordance with the needs of animals modules for breeding, livestock, competition,

All prior measurement of electric fields and electric potentials measurement systems are plagued by the use of physical measurement systems that distort or modify the electric fields that they are designed to measure. Therefore, there is limited use of electric fields as an inspection, diagnostic and process control tool.

Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of every area today, from Space/Defense to Medical, Transportation and Marketing. Data centers are huge using vast amounts of energy. And the results are problematic and can be easily fooled by a 5th grader. True AI requires vastly more data and less latency,

Based on an operational prototype system (Intelipod™) developed internally by Venti LLC, this SBIR effort will deliver a quantum improvement in fire fighter safety. This project represents a major advance in the tools available to first responders/fire fighters to access and safely respond to unknown emergencies,

Infrared thermography is an incredibly useful tool with a wide range of users from home owners looking for energy leakage to engineers analyzing the thermal performance of machines to scientists performing basic research. Unfortunately thermal imaging cameras are often expensive and require proprietary software.

The purpose of this project to provide small lightweight personal secure digital communication for a local group in an environment where wireless communication services are not provided by commercial cellular corporations (in the mountains, in disaster region with no electricity, in extremely lightly environments >80000 lux, outer space,

Radars are becoming an increasingly more relevant aspect of people’s daily lives. What was once a technology used solely for defense purposes, is now a common installation in most modern vehicles to help increase safety on the road.

We propose a low-cost circuit using commercial off-the-shelf components that enables the measurement of electrical currents in the order of pA range. The circuit presents an output current that is an amplified version of the current to be measured,

Why Did We Build This?
"Prevention is better than cure" is one of the effective measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 and to protect mankind. Many researchers and doctors are working on medication and vaccination for corona virus. To avoid getting infected or spreading it,

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