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How many liters of water are you consuming in a day? Is it enough to help your body cope up with the blazing heat the sun has been nourishing yet killing us with?

The $165bn pa memory market is dominated by DRAM ($100bn) and NAND flash ($60bn). DRAM’s high speed (compared to Flash) at low cost (compared to SRAM) has made it the main memory in all computers and electronic devices. However,

In the present day scenario, many times we see that the garbage bins or dust bin placed at public places in the cities are overflowing due to increase in the waste every day.

As we all know that because of the Coronavirus the world is in social isolation and this has disrupted life as we know it.

In support of Wireless Access Points and Wireless Networks I propose utilizing the T-Bar grid as zone antennae. A designed T-Bar element that is connected to the Access point to provide coverage.

Our project title is smart baby belt. As mentioned in the name it will be useful to babies. In our belt we have sensors to detect moisture in the diaper, to detect the location of the belt, to detect the temperature of the baby who is wearing it.

We see so much waste in rivers, canals, lakes nowadays. And there are many ways to clean them but using of this aqua bin which uses IoT technology makes us easier to do our task. Mostly the lower wait particles,

High reliability for electronic systems/assemblies is critical for various industry sectors and their continued success. Electronic devices include Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as the key component for optimal operation/performance. Selection of the materials used in PCBs is critical to make the assemblies highly reliable and free from corrosion.

There have been many great helmet designs for NFL players specifically to minimize the force of impact exerted by or on the players to prevent the players developing concussions. But what happens when player has an impact more than the helmet can protect?

One of the main problems faced by alcohol industry is product dilution or alteration. Product dilution or alteration means a situation when people drink a bad alcohol drink that has been altered or diluted with different solutions after the alcohol drink has left the licensed legitimate manufacturer’s production line.

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