Micro-mass sensors can be used for the detection of gases, organic cells, viruses and bacteria in a system. With today's growing need for immediate detection of viruses such as COVID-19, micro-mass sensors have become a viable and attractive option.

LED video displays are a $15B market. It is also the last passive-matrix video device in production. The existing process uses discrete LEDs on conventional PCBs. With a passive backplane, all the image artifacts,


Wireless IoT devices are notoriously easy to hack. Often an attacker goes unnoticed as they assume the identity of an edge device and use it to connect with the network. Once in a network, the hacker may cause a great deal of damage or steal important information.

Catastrophic failure concerns of Li-ion batteries including excessive heating, fires and explosions create anxiety in battery consumer markets, especially as larger and more powerful Li-ion battery architecture hits the marketplace.

The main cause of failure is the internal short-circuit,

As per title the power to run the sensor can be generate using Biomass and Bacterial colony.

There are several species of bacteria that can produce Bio-gas to generate power for sensors.

To produce biogas or power,

Avalanche photodiodes (APD's) offer increased sensitivity over photodiodes. Applications such as Lidar and fiber optic communications experience significant performance improvements by taking advantage of the higher sensitivity afforded by APD's.

However, APD's require a high voltage bias of ~50V to 600V or higher.

During this time one of the many efforts farmers have made to increase the production of strawberries has been with the use of inorganic fertilizer.

Railway hawkers are people who carry snacks on trains. They carry the snacks in trays which they hold in hands. Being heavy it’s most likely that their hands will ache at some point in time and it's not even comfortable to carry the tray in a crowded train.

How do blind person read? Currently, there are two major options or category for a blind person to read books. The first one is using Braille imprinted on paper.


With our developing nations and ever-growing technologies, the crime rates are also increasing with every blink of an eye. Some of the most heinous crimes amongst them are human trafficking and rape. Many nations are still being used widely by the traffickers as a receiving, sending,

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