Robot for Eradicating Malaria, Dengue and Zika Virus

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The Mosquito Eradicating Robot aims at eradication of deadly diseases like Malaria, Dengue and viruses like Zika virus by capturing and eradicating the agents of these diseases. The agents of these diseases and viruses are Mosquitoes. There are several ways existing to get rid of the mosquitoes but still the number of people suffering from deadly diseases caused by mosquitoes are increasing day by day. The existing methods of eradication of mosquitoes have some disadvantages like usage of unsafe chemicals, release of harmful gases etc. Nowadays, Mosquito zapping electric bats are also available in market but the problem with those is the necessity of human engagement and constant attention needed.

The Mosquito Eradicating Robot is a mobile robot which detects the presence of mosquitoes by identifying the distinctive sound frequency produced by the mosquitoes as an offshoot of their wing movement. After detection of the mosquitoes, the robot pulls the mosquitoes inside a thermally insulated trapping box through suction. The trapping box is then cooled to a temperature below 10 °C. At temperatures below 10 °C, the mosquitoes cannot regulate their body temperature and they eventually perish. In this way, the robot completes the process of detection and eradication of mosquitoes.

Our Mosquito Eradicating Robot has overcome all the demerits of the already existing methods. It does not use any harmful chemicals for zapping the mosquitoes and thus environment-friendly. This robot mimics humans and attracts mosquitoes from far away distances and it is fully automated which adds merit to the novelty of the robot.



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