Machine learning and PID controller allow us to control an autonomous car to drive around an object.

How does it work?

Current technologies for additive manufacturing (3D printing) are mostly developed for on-earth environment which relies on the gravitational force, and any vibration/disturbance must be minimized. However, in many situations, e.g., on space missions where gravity is close to zero,

The Mosquito Eradicating Robot aims at eradication of deadly diseases like Malaria, Dengue and viruses like Zika virus by capturing and eradicating the agents of these diseases. The agents of these diseases and viruses are Mosquitoes.

Chemical manufacturing is responsible for close to 30% of the global energy demand, and innovative solutions are needed to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions released from energy-intensive chemical processes.

This invention is designed to automatically play the traditional piano and play the music itself. This is done by electronic relays that move the piano, the keyboard, using electrical impulses. When the electronic relay is energized and the same key is pressed, this key illuminates.

A machine designed to interact with its environment, make an appropriate decision based on surroundings, and then carry out the jobs related to its goal. All automatically. Our focus will be on robots, which are designed for more specific purposes in the physical world.

The laboratory is designed for modelling and subsequent electrical equipment printing of power stations and substations . No company in the field of power industry can do without design engineers as the process of designing is of paramount importance.

Once at Government, the L.A. politicians seem to treat their national economies as if they were a large version of their own households. For decades L.A. economies have run on peaks and troughs or at pilgrim´s pace.

Welding technologies are fundamental to fabrication and ubiquitous within manufacturing. Laser welding has found wide application for the joining of precision metal components and high-speed production due to the intense laser heat source. Low penetration or “conduction mode” welding is well controlled,

Neurodegenerative dementia is a disease that progressively deteriorates brain functionality. One of the most common symptoms of dementia is memory loss. In addition, patients usually lose the ability to solve problems or control their emotions and present changes in personality and normal behavior.

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