Despite recent advances in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, the available options are still limited and associated with some complications. In present investigation, we aimed to induce biological pacemaker through the insertion of Tbx18 gene, the key regulator of sinoatrial node development,

We have identified several chemical compounds through review of the most recent literature which shows that selected metal-based chemicals, or biometals, are effective and an antagonistic therapeutic approach against the Covid-19 virus. These include Cu(I); Neocuproine Copper(II) and Bathocuproine Disulfonic Acid Copper(I).

Difficulty in locating the veins leads to unnecessary needle penetrations causing blood clots, irritation, swelling, blackening of skin, etc. Vein detection is found to be useful in other potential applications like blood transfusion, blood donation, blood withdrawal and biometric security.

The pancreatic Islets contain Alpha cells, which release glucagon to avoid hypoglycemia and the Beta cells that release the insulin to allow cells to uptake the glucose. In type 1 diabetes (T1DM), the body's immune system destroys these beta cells and ability to make insulin.

The screwdriver harness is a potentially life saving device. It allows the dental clinician to work intraorally with a hand held implant screw driver without the concern of unintentionally losing contact with the screw driver and risking the possibility of aspiration or swallowing by the patient.

This proposal introduces the proprietary, innovative and breakthrough dialyzers termed the “mNEPHRON” Artificial Kidney Dialyzers that are designed to be biomimetic, modular and miniaturized to replace the 60-year-old inefficient and bulky hollow-fiber-dialyzers currently in clinical use.

Bio-Grid Pure Vapor is a next generation sanitizing automated robot for hospital procedure rooms, patient rooms, and industrial or sport spaces where bacterial sanitizing control is required to reduce infection transmission on surfaces.

The robot is placed by the maintenance crew after biologicals are removed from the room.

According to some emerging evidence published in the journal by scientists at Princeton University, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the US research agency, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) - though not in significant quantities, the Coronavirus can be airborne. Meaning,

HuPoTest is a mental test and training procedure as well. It was discovered incidentally in 1967 and developed continuously by testing face to face more than 1000 Persons Under Test (PUT). Basically, it is the calibration of the PUT mental timer by using a standard digital stopwatch. Personal timer,

The recent coronavirus outbreak worldwide created an emergency involving all countries In order to help fight the virus one of the most important early activities is to detect potential carriers through the body temperature monitoring, by individuating those with body temperatures higher than 37.5C.

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