Magnetic Energy Autonomous Mechanical Oscillator for Multiple Uses (MEAMOMU)

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What is the purpose of MEAMOMU? MEAMOMU is the result of the search for a second (solar is the first) non-ionized, non-polluting (while producing power), and renewable power source that can be used portably or stationary on earth or in outer space. MEAMOMU is also the first portable renewable power source that can be used under the oceans and or in total darkness anywhere. MEAMOMU is a linear mechanical oscillator that can be used for pumping action or converting linear motion into angular motion like a mechanical watch motion ( without the constant external winding of spring tension.

How does MEAMOMU work? To create a renewable power source, one needs a constant or iterative self-generating radiation that can safely harvest valance electrons and or cause autonomous mechanical oscillations, permanent magnetic constant non-ionized radiated flux or energy was available for development. I use videos that lecture with experiments made before my inventions, distributed on an independent host and not associated with me, so I can't be accused of falsifying relevant physics principles. The lecture ( with experiments proves that in microgravity the Earth's magnetic field being the only factor affecting MEAMOMU the local permanent magnetics interaction compensates for interference with continued functionally and also proves friction due to gravity on Earth's surface is instantaneous relative to MEAMOMU distance to the surface and not cumulative. The lecture ( with experiments proves that Bismuth and Pyrolytic Carbon are used to compress, divert and or repel magnetic flux without compensating for bipolar magnetic interactive flux. The lecture ( with experiments proves that with iterative linear motion of either the magnetic flux or solenoid inductive harvested power is created. The lecture ( with experiments proves that with iterative linear motion piezoelectric and triboelectric harvested power is created. Fact if you watch video lecture with experiment ( at timestamp 2:30 the device if given infinite fuel for the burner and water for the sponge iterative motion would run until metal fatigue disrupts the magnetic domains or the permanent magnetic succumbs to strong coercive fields and degauss. With MEAMOMU the thermal exchange for relative iterative motion is replaced with a Pyrolytic Carbon repulsive iterative valve. During the creation of MEAMOMU I discovered that repulsive diamagnetic material can be substituted in the place of ferromagnetic magnetic material for the use in coupling/decoupling same magnetic polarity attraction in linear geometric configurations as first demonstrated by Professor Eric Laithwaite ( MEAMOMU uses rare-earth magnetics and steel metal foamed ( then compressed ( for reduction of size and density. MEAMOMU slides magnetics material from drilled holes in their center core and also uses wheel technology from watch making. MEAMOMU movement in generated by using spring closing and magnetic attraction pull opening ( made of repulsive diamagnetic material.

What makes MEAMOMU novel? MEAMOMU’s science and technology did not exist until I created it and now promoting it.


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