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Climate change is placing hardship on 3 billion people in poverty. Dysentery and spread of disease can be prevented if they could just boil water, keep food chilled, and power small appliances. For every tonne of carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere,

Direct conversion of thermal energy (heat) to electricity.

In collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne), we have developed a proof-of-concept (TRL 5, as defined by DOE/NASA), electronic, wafer fabricated device for cheap, efficient direct conversion of thermal energy (heat) to electricity.

The growing concern over climate change created a need to shift towards less polluting forms of energy. Renewable energy, derived from Earth’s natural resources, is crucial to achieving this goal. However, many variables affect the rate and efficiency of energy generation and consume land resources. For instance,

In Bangladesh alone, around 40 million people today still live without any kind of access to energy. - ourworldindata.org
Of these, over 10 million live in extreme poverty. - worldpoverty.io

Children in particular suffer with the inability to study with decent light at night.

In countries where oil is extracted and transported by sea, they face such a problem as oil spills on the surface of the water. This, in turn, leads to a global environmental problem, such as pollution of the seas, the death of living organisms (fish, birds, mammals, etc.

There is a dire need to better protect the health of seashores, lakes and rivers, especially fishing grounds. A unique clean-up boat is described below. It aims to markedly reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of meeting the need.

Though originally conceived by RESTCo, an Ottawa,

To appreciate BMHK engine proposal, one must think of stars, including our Sun, as not only nuclear fusion reactors but also, and probably most importantly, as Gravity engines.

Hey it is me, Darwin. Who would have known that we would be kicking off a new project during a pandemic, a social reform, and a recession? To better understand,

From home, offices, to industries there is great demand for a variety of exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are available at various specification such as RPM, watts, current, speed. etc. Most industrial units vary huge and high speed exhaust fan are required which runs continuously.

The described barge is a novel concept for combining a compressed air energy storage system with an offshore electrical substation serving a deep-water floating offshore wind farm. The concept combines existing offshore technologies with floating compressed air energy storage (CAES) system driven by off-shore wind farm energy.

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