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1) In comparison to 2019 entry the support for incline plane is simplified by a single square plate and the power of each machine unit is increased by double cone wheels sliding on V-shaped tract on modified incline plane tilted at 45° that coincides with a line at

The utility model relates to the field of refrigeration, and more specifically to electric household refrigerators, intended for use in everyday life, trade, food and other types of production.

During the operation of household, display and other refrigerators,

For a hundred years or more we've designed our roofs wrong! For stores and warehouses we made the mistake of creating a thick envelope with no natural light that traps the heat, and then we spend large amounts of money in lighting and cooling!

Mechanical vibrations are forms of energy that can be found in the human walking movement, and this kind of energy could be harnessed for small local electricity generation. This entry consist of a floor that absorbs mechanical energy from impacts or vibrations, and by electromagnetic induction,

The protection of the environment has become one of the most important issues in the U.S. Many entities ranging from federal programs to small non-profits, have been making efforts to help preserve our planet for future generations. However, in order to significantly reduce our carbon footprint,

The growing globalization of our society, the difficulty of communication because of the language barrier the new technologies possibilities from different software platforms requires a new and updated communication system that could improve represent our society communications. Such system could simplify our communications ,

A January 2016 report from the World Economic Forum projected plastics production, which was 311 million tons in 2014, will double by 2034. Production of ethylene, the basic building block for these materials, represents the single most energy-consuming process in the chemical industry.

A major portion of the demand on the electrical grid comes from the compressors and heat pumps that are used to provide air conditioning and refrigeration for industrial and commercial buildings.

PROBLEM 1: Global climate change is one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Climate change is recognized as a major issue worldwide. The rising atmospheric temperatures and rising ocean levels are largely attributed to increases in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

This concept is 6,000 ft length x 60 ft diameter and 4 ft diameter of axle at center. 6,000 ft length divided to 80 or more terminals connect to the other by joining axles. The fly-wheels attach each side of axles from right to left .

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