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The aim of the project is to develop technology and create a production line for light transmitting thermal insulation material (LTTI), which can be used for houses, greenhouses, tent hangars and buildings.

Nowadays, because of increasing population, people demand more food, fruits, vegetables, clothes and etc. That’s why highly productive and highest quality is being created by scientists and selektors. But this problem hasn’t been sorted out yet completely.

It is known that, light is needed to nourish plants.

A spray of spherical wastewater droplets into an extremely cold gas causes an ice shell to form and grow thicker and thicker as it falls downward in the spray chamber.

Applied Technologies Company, Ltd (ATC) is involved in the development of components for ecologically benign marine power-industrial systems, based on wave and aqueous ocean resources utilization.

Wind energy is the most promising source of renewable energy in response to the emerging needs for replacement of the conventional power plants. Currently, the two main devices for generating electricity from wind energy are vertical axis wind turbines and horizontal axis wind turbines.

We are an innovative startup with a social vocation the PREINVEL, that has designed and developed the sole FLUIDODYNAMIC FILTERING technology in the world able to clean the pulluted industrial emissions and remove the smallest dust and pollutants, extremely dangerous for human's healt and so dangerous for the environmental,

According to the World Coal Association (https://www.worldcoal.org/), the energy and cost benefits associated with coal combustion plays a vital role in the robustness of the electric-power generation, steel, and cement industries. Coal combustion accounts for 37% of global electricity generation.

This product is a community sized unit that converts food waste to energy and compost. Each American produces 231lbs of food waste a year. Rather than this being a problem it can be a valuable commodity.

Food waste is a noxious material if dumped on landfill.

Electrochemical Recycling Electronic Constituents of Value (eRECOV) offers a game-changing solution to growing challenges of electronic waste. The economical and environmentally sound process eliminates the need for traditional recycling methods such as smelting and cyanide leaching. The chemistry in eRECOV is continuously regenerated, and its solution is reusable.

Novel low cost / electrically conductive / Li-ion corrosion resistant nitrogen atoms doped ultrananocrystalline diamond (N-UNCD) coating provides excellent chemically robust encapsulation of commercial natural graphite (NG)/copper (Cu) anodes and new textured Si-based anodes, currently under development for Li-ion batteries (LIB),

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