Single Person Electric Car

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I was watching some youths kick a P.V.C. football very hard against the wall of a building.

The ball was never damaged and ended up quite a distance away. This gave me an idea for a very accident resistant vehicle.

My idea is for a single seat electric vehicle that would have a rounded front consisting of individually inflated P.V.C. segments. It would need to have outrigger front wheels. In the event of impact the vehicle would deflect to one side and bounce off.

The small size means that only a small battery would be needed, unlike most larger electric cars.

The heater on most electric cars is generally poor especially for a cold climate. My idea is for a separate heater to be powered by a cylinder of camping gas. Therefore the heater could be used when the car is stationary.

The motive power for such a vehicle is already produced in the U.K. by Frazer Nash (who used to make racing cars).

The passenger compartment would best be made out of carbon fibre. A prototype could be made by a racing car manufacturer.

Many people commute long distances to work every day and this car would save them a lot of money.


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