DiP (Disinfectant Pad)

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DiP is a Disinfectant Pad that allows you to cleanse your palm of any possible viruses that you might have by eliminating them without using any sort of hand sanitizer or soap/water for that matter. This technology uses a whole next level of UVC light to kill the virus that is not visible to the human eye. DiP is a wearable pad which can instantly fit into the side pockets of our pants. Two separate DiPs are provided for both left and right pockets connected via battery stick that provides the necessary power to the complete system. Once the palms are in place, the process can be activated via switch/voice activation. Palm has to be on the pad for a certain period (less than a few minutes) and that’s it; your palm is virus-free. After the designated on-time period, UVC LEDs gets turned off automatically. Special provision is provided on the pad in-order to disinfect the fingertips as well.

Coming to the technical part of the product, the surface of the DiP is completely flexible-clear -glass which has acoustic sensors built in. Surface of the DiP is divided into small cells so that the touch of the palm can be detected. Once the palm is placed on the pad, surface processor quickly calculates the specific cells that have been touched by the palm, by identifying the energy/voltage drop of that particular cell. Once this calculation is done, surface processor feeds this input to the microcontroller unit for further action. This action is one-time and after that acoustics sensors are completely turned off; handing over further action to UVC LEDs. As per the information received from the surface processor, only those specific cells related LEDS are activated to emit the desired UVC light of 207-220nm. After the designated virus-kill period, LEDs are automatically turned off.

This invention completely brings in a whole new dimension of human hygiene. UVC is never used to disinfect a human palm. Since this product is a one time investment thus avoids usage of plastic bottles that we use as hand sanitizers daily. Acoustic sensors and UVC LEDs were never used together for any commercial purposes; this brings in smart compatibility to all sizes of human palms and gives us less chance to worry about different dimensions. As this device can be used for personal use (Smart Mode) and on the small objects (Manual Mode) of our interest, this stands-out as unique feature as it not only disinfects palms but also small objects too.


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