Mirror Desk Chair

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This is a desk chair like in offices, universities, workshops. It is a simple design of a chair with an overhang desk. Unique feature of this design is that overhang support can be changed to right or left as per need of user. Most chairs are designed keeping right hand user in mind but left hand user sometimes finds it difficult to be comfortable. Also in scenario where chairs are near wall opening desk towards wall is better than opening desk away from wall and helps user to comfortably get up and get down. If chair is needed to be modified to left hand user simply rotate seat 180 deg and flip desk along horizontal axis.

Desk chair are generally space consuming as when not needed cannot be stacked to save space. But due to our unique design our 'Mirror Desk Chair' can be stacked over one another which makes it space efficient.

As design is simple and not much change is done with chairs physical look chair can be manufactured without much additional weight compared to typical desk chair. Simple design also helps to reduce cost of manufacturing of product keeping product competitive.

Desk chair comes with a bag hook below the seat, this hook always stay on opposite side of desk support by which user can easily access his or her bag improving user experience.



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