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Our project idea is to create an application that will act as a hub for the agricultural activities of a region. Currently, the agriculture sector is facing a severe crisis as a result of recent regulatory changes. These changes have abolished the Open Markets, a very important tool that allowed the farmers to sell their products at fair prices. The situation has become worst due to the poor infrastructure for crop management. To address the same, Delta Ducks have come to the rescue with "AgriHero."

We aim to give those involved in the agriculture sector, like farmers and vendors, a detailed view of important happenings in the sector, and provide them a platform to conduct all agriculture-related commerce, in a fairway. We plan to use a combination of sensors, microcontrollers, and cloud-based platforms to give our customers detailed and accurate information that is directly relevant to them, and to help them conduct business. Furthermore, the data collected over the crop cycle can also be used to ensure the quality of the crops to the buyers. Farmers will be able to directly sell these crops on the platform. Based upon the data, buyers will be able to make intelligible decisions about the 'fair' cost of the crops. It is our belief that the current state of access to resources for those in the agriculture sector, leaves a lot to be desired.

This is why we aim to create a one-stop place for everyone involved in the sector to be connected with each other, which will provide them with all resources they need, including crop management resources, and regulation changes in the sector.

For Our Web site we are using the following:

  1. Flask: We are using the flask platform as micro web programming in python. Flask python programming will forward data from databases to the platform.
  2. MySQL database: The database stores the data values collected from the sensors.
  3. HTML5 & CSS3 : Html and CSS will help us to create web interfaces
  4. Bootstrap and Javascript: Bootstrap template creates a responsive web platform and java-script enhances the user interface.

For the farm monitoring system we will be using the following hardware:

  1. Rasberry Pi
  2. ESP32 CAM
  3. Rain Sensor
  4. Soil Moisture Sensor
  5. LDR Sensor
  6. Gas Sensor
  7. Temperature And Humidity Sensor

The data collected from these sensors will be sent in real-time to the cloud platform where the data will be further analyzed.

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    Ishan Jogalekar
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    Anshuman Phadke
    Anirudh Karnik
    Arvind N
    Ishan Jogalekar
    Saksham Bhutani
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    Our idea focuses on the underlying problems related to the farming industry. Farmers in India face difficulties in efficiently cultivating their production due to a lack of local expertise. Our idea tries to do the same by using a range of different sensors. Secondly, our idea focuses on making the selling of crops easier without exploitation by middlemen. These factors are not affected by the pandemic.
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    Arduino IDE , Putty , VS code , Python interpreter , MySQL database
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