S-Band Strap: A simple tag/wrist strap with a QR Code that launches the healthcare data of individuals administered Covid-19 Vaccines.

Problem: Exposure, Exclusivity and unsafe means of tracking the health data of individuals who have been administered vaccines.

We have developed a library of “do-it-yourself” soft polymer building blocks that can be adhered together using a solution of ions and water, without any specialized equipment and expertise. Using 3D printing, we designed LEGO-like blocks that incorporate mechanical connectors and miniature plumbing,

Facemasks are essential product that are needed to sustain our lives equal to food and water because it is the first line of defense against respiratory diseases like COVID-19 by providing a filtration system of the air we breathe preventing us from getting infected and transmitting our infectious

The laboratory diagnosis of malaria has changed little in over 100 years. A finger stick is made and a smear on a glass slide is made and stained and a technologist then uses a microscope to scan over the whole smear which may take up to 15 minutes.


Screening and Lab analysis are performed at Lab with an expensive equipment, (Maintenance, periodic calibration, difficult to operate)

Samples are manually tagged, analyzed by a health care professional, and results are entered manually (Lack of digitization Risk of human errors).

The COVID-19 Crisis
Most efforts to come out of the COVID-19 crisis are related to vaccine or easing the symptoms. While these directions are actively pursued, many businesses are going down.

However, there is an alternative that can rid the world of the virus,

It is sad that the world is in an emergency due to coronavirus. I have a solution for sanitization & sterilization of viruses & other pathogens. Technology is to use microwave/X-Ray or ultrasonic to resonate lipids/proteins in viruses and pathogens envelope and rupture it.

The testing station would be a walk through that tests the air for airborne viruses. It would be WiFi linked to a database of viruses that it can scan to find the exact virus type.

One hour can change a lifetime!

Cardiac arrests are becoming increasing every day and people die by the time they reach proper medical assistance. One of the common causes of death is not able to have access to medical support on time.

Hospito is an application which helps people to find a suitable hospital in their city or state.
It's a prototype so it only contains two districts of Haryana, namely Gurugram and Faridabad.
It will help people in this pandemic. It shows the location, emergency no. , enquiry no., pics,

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