A wheelchair as 'a gadget giving wheeled portability and seating support to an individual with trouble strolling or moving about.' In this way, the motivation behind a wheelchair is to work close to home portability.

AirWay II is a unique reusable (unlike tape strips) propietary nasal passage dilator that MAY ease sleep apnea (please see comments below), nasal congestion, athletics, dental work, deviated septum, nasal injuries or medical applications (cannula). Please fully insert past Alar Cartilege "edge rib"

Boise State University, VIP 400 Vertically Integrated Projects Section 007 Make It Spring 2021

The issue of an easy to use, easy to produce, rugged and weatherproof prosthetic is becoming a reality.

The motivation for this project is to enhance the rehabilitation process for patients who have lost the ability to walk. The fact of having walking disabilities and not being able to perform their daily activities can affect the life quality of a person.

Fractal ECG is a new innovative technique developed by the Inventors to first quantity and measure the characteristic of ECG wares according to Fractal dimension. Thus for the first time just as how we know the normal BP as 120/80 of normal sugar level as a range of value.

Recent events have shown the inefficiency of medical oxygen distribution in times of crisis. Oxygen production, whether local, regional or national inevitably leads to oxygen not being where it is required.

Hello! my name is Rustam. At the moment I am 54 years old. I have a complex neurological pathology, the consequences of cerebral palsy. Due to lack of financial resources, I could not go to Europe and America for treatment.

A record of successful treatments for illnesses as reference for medical professionals and the public, in general, this universal document is accessible by the public at no cost with information uploaded by physicians and or patients themselves describing their symptoms and the successful treatment for the condition.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is widely used in areal hygiene as in hospitals, schools and other indoor spaces. Also, sanitizing several equipments with H2O2 vapor brings cost efficiency compared to UltraViolet-C (UVC) lamp or LED systems.

We produced a hydrophobic non-woven carbon fiber fabric,

When emergency patients arrive at a hospital there may not be sufficient staff to transfer the patient from the Gurney to the examination table.

By a simple redesign of the tops of the Gurney and the examining table,

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