At this time when the world is affected by a dangerous pandemic, medical equipment is proving to be the most valuable resource for fighting the situation.

How my entry works, what makes it novel, how it would be produced, and where it would be applied.

The problem with homelessness in Canada is that we provide the same resources to all homeless people.

Ton Ton is a product that uses OLDE's near-red light to irradiate and stimulate the two acupoints, Bitong (EM7) and Yingxiang (LI-20),

RBCs are enucleated cells in the human body and also lack other organelles like ribosomes for protein synthesis. So if any virus attacks the RBC and inserts its DNA or RNA inside the RBC it will lose its existence as it cannot multiply inside RBCs.

For viral infection,

The LifeMonitor is a straightforward, non-invasive and continuous measure of patient's primary vitals in the prehospital setting allowing responders or anyone with a preliminary understanding of first aid to gain a comprehensive report of the patient's vitals which can be provided to health professionals.

Non-invasive imaging at centimeter depths in tissue is possible with computational diffuse optical imaging (DOI). Camera measurements of scattered light at the tissue surface are interpreted with a light transport model to reconstruct optical parameters within the tissue, providing contrast for object detection, localization, and identification.

Stem Cell scan be used for immunizing all humans against microorganisms such as Chikungunya, Chicken Pox, Hepatitis, Measles, Rabies and other bacteria and fungi.

Global agricultural repository is an ongoing project geared towards the eradication of food shortage and technological assistance to the farming communities world wide.

This project addresses the growing needs of farmers. Various regions of the world have specialized needs and specific resources.

LifeSense ESD

The LifeSense ESD device consists of a breather body and disposable mouth piece and sensor strip. The breather body and mouth piece are made by injection molding. The sensor strip is prepared specific to the disease to be tested.

Monitoring patients in hospitals tends to be limited to floor mounted machines. This project moves the monitoring to a wrist or taped monitoring system that can include patient owned smart phones and fitness devices.

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