Permanent Magnet Continuous Linear Mechanical Oscillator Vacuum Tube For Valance Electron Harvesting

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Linear mechanical oscillator with only permanent magnets was started by Professor Eric Laithwaite and now finished by Greg Spaulding. From Professor Laithwaite's lecture “The Circle of Magnetism” cylinder-shaped permanent magnetics with same polarity ends are attraction coupled together with a 304 Ferritic piece of steel of sufficient diameter and thickness, and then the coupling is severed by the insertion of another 304 Ferritic piece of steel of the same sufficient diameter and thickness, which causes ferromagnetic repulsion. I discovered from experimentation pyrolytic carbon of the same sufficient diameter and thickness as the 304 Ferritic piece of steel but with a hollowed center pushed onto the 304 Ferritic piece of steel causes diamagnetic repulsion. From the lecture in a same polarity magnetic flux coupler for linear cylinder permanent magnets all four end polarities must integrate their flux flow into the 304 Ferritic piece of steel or the close meeting ends of same magnetic flux polarity cause ferromagnetic repulsion. The permanent magnetic cylinders with holes drilled down the center and its holes filled on both ends with polished tempered aluminum glass grommets allow minimal friction oscillation from and to 304 Ferritic steel couplers on polished 200 Austenitic steel poles. To make the oscillations autonomous, the pyrolytic carbon circular pieces are attached to a balanced carriage, so when one side of a mating magnetic cylinder coupler is covered by the oscillating magnetic cylinder pull strength pushed on pyrolytic carbon the other is uncovered and ready for attracting the magnetic cylinder back to itself.


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