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The main problem in harnessing shore’s water wave energy is because it is not unidirectional. Meaning the water movement of the shore wave does not travel in one direction; instead it moves forward and backward which makes it extremely challenging to be converted into mechanical energy to be utilized.

Analysis of Farm Data
Mapping of farms, acreage, yield with GPS-enabled sensors which would be used to receive data for the different stages of crop development during the entire growth cycle.

Identification of necessary inputs via AI-enabled platform
Using available literature,

Title suggests cities before Corona (BC) and after Corona (AC). This virus spread all over the world and every country is affected. But corona taught us something and we needs to change our lifestyle in totality.

This is a proposal to use a water wheel floating on a river to generate clean electrical energy. Unlike solar and wind generators, rivers flow 24 hours a day.

A water wheel can be scaled up or down. The surface speed of rivers varies between about 3-8 MPH.

The forest waste like waste leaves and dry grass are available in large volumes. Fuel pellets can be produced from forest waste which can be used as domestic fuel. Other domestic products can be produced from forest waste. It can also be helpful in conserving energy,

VS infiltrator is an innovative component/module which may be used to increase the infiltration capacity of soil in areas where the infiltration capacity of soil is low or low permeability of the soil. This infiltrator may be made from steel, recycled PVC,

A fire containment system to provide a fire wall barrier to a fire proceeding across a ground, said system comprising: two or more towers anchored in series in the ground,

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