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The proposal's primary focus is to develop a user-friendly environment through the app (or) website for safe and secure voting. Although so many inventions are being developed in this area, still there is a lag in security. Our proposal will rectify the issue of safety and security,

Global climate change is one of the world's biggest challenges. Rising atmospheric temperatures and increasing ocean levels are largely attributed to greenhouse gas emissions.

Coal is the single largest contributor to anthropogenic climate change. The burning of coal emits 46% of carbon dioxide emissions globally,

The power of each wave hitting the shore is all the energy input required to lift water to an elevation where gravity takes over and drives a generator.

A set of interconnected and hinged panels are impacted by the wave striking the shore.

The industrial revolution brought about an explosion in exploring science and technology. It led to the improvement of the lives of millions, made travel time significantly shorter, and interconnected people on a global scale. As technology improved and its production increased, the world became a better place,

Electric power distribution has changed little in over 100 years. The wires, switches and other devices have been standardized and codified. Sustainable power generation, electric power based transportation and the emphasis on carbon emissions demands transforming the present “dumb” power system.

in this contemporary era, now nearly 18% of electricity is generated by NPP. This distribution is probably similar for continental Europe and Russia, though UK nuclear power plants use only once-through cooling by seawater, as do all Swedish, Finnish, Canadian (Great Lakes water), South African, Japanese,

This process is an electrochemical process that effectively leaches cobalt and other valuable constituents from Li-ion battery electrodes. A reductant is used to solubilize the metal species in a dilute acid solution. Typical recycling process reactions usually require elevated temperatures and multiple hours for completion.

On wind turbines VForce® patented blade morphing technology can generate an estimated 8-20% additional electricity generation (Lindenberg et al. 2008) by operating in low wind situations.

The technology is suitable for tapered blades and is of light weight construction.

A CAWT (Figures 1 & 2) incorporates an innovative wind turbine rotor with a maximum power coefficient (Cp) of 0.88. This value is based on 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies confirmed by an independent CFD-simulation services company. This exceptional aerodynamic performance is achieved by using closely-spaced,

The fuelless generator just as the name implies is a power generating system that doesn’t require any kind of fuel for its operation. The fuelless generator technology has been in existence for some time now but there hasn’t been known large scale application of this technology. However,

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