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The "Odor free compost can" will prevent bad odor from compost and will save people from unhygienic atmosphere. It will be easy to use and will produce good quality manure.

A third-generation solar photovoltaic (PVT)and thermal panel was developed and patented. Its field tests have began both in the north Netherlands and Turkey to cover the entire climatic spectrum of Europe and other countries on the globe. This technology has the following attributes,

The VAYU is a prototype under development to meet the needs of electricity consumption by our society in the future. The renewable energy namely rain, solar and wind. Not only does it use renewable energy but also simple resources which are easily accessible and available globally,

Create a returnable plastics lottery system where reverse vending machines are used as "slot machines" ( and where any (authorized) plastic item could be deposited and where only very occasionally would the depositor win a (relatively) large dollar amount prize.

Li-ion battery systems are widely used in electrified vehicles. The imbalance of state-of-charge (SOC) between battery modules/cells will bring detrimental effects to the battery. The conventional balancing schemes equalize battery by discharging high SOC cells.

Metabolic towers are unmanned facilities located in in an urban environment . Their functions are as follows:

Collect differentiated waste (paper, glasss, plastic, metal, other) for processing and recycling

Collect organic wastes for incineration process to generate energy

Collect sanitary water from neighbouring buildings for decontamination,

The ferromagnetic field engine or FFE is a vertical 2-cylinder mechanical bar magnet. When the engine turns on, it becomes a powerful electromagnetic superconductor capable of producing more electricity than required to operate.

We are solving the plastic waste problem from the inside out! If you haven’t noticed, there are literally mountains of plastic waste building up in landfills, a Texas sized island of it in the ocean, and microplastics are being found everywhere.

The objective of the present disclosure generally relates to the field of drainage management. More specifically, the present disclosure is related to a permeable drainage system for increasing the groundwater level in aquifers, reducing environmental pollution, and re-establishing the natural hydrological balance.

The POD MOD is already a reality.

It's design has already received US Patent 5,146,395 / Sept. 8th 1992 / A POWER SUPPLY INCLUDING TWO TANK CIRCUITS. The power unit was developed from the writings, works, and researches of Nicola Tesla;

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