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Recycled oil tanker into a solar and wind powered water desalination and aquaponic farm. Provide millions of gallons of fresh water and thousands of pounds of fish and vegetables daily worldwide without taking acres of land to create new plants.

Do you know that there is no one who is responsible for evacuation of wheelchair users in case of emergencies like fire in buildings?

As outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which is adopted by many countries,

Legislation and climate driven committees are pushing for sustainable energy use. This means we must switch our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and convert renewable energy to be the primary source of energy. New opportunities exist for homeowners to become individual power producers of variable renewable energy, i.e.

The International Energy Agency states that current technology can provide only half of the CO2 reductions required by 2050. The major shortfall is energy, notably for the increasing global need for electrical power.

Steam turbines presently generate 89% of the world’s electricity, but they waste 2/3 of their fuel.

CryoRAC is a proposed design for an innovative air conditioning system that works on radiative cooling utilizing cryogenic liquids. The radiation mode of heat transfer is an easier method of cooling compared to convection mode as in the traditional air conditioner. Radiative cooling provides preferential cooling for hotter objects.

This is essentially a large tube, as are biological whales. These will be deployed into the Pacific garbage patches gyres where they will swim (drift) along in the top 2 meters of water ingesting everything their mouth can swallow.

Keltric high voltage power supply system is a special high voltage power system that boosts the efficiency of electrostatic motors to almost 99% efficiency using a special configuration of electronic components.

Currently electrostatic motors are said to be inefficient 5 -10% because of the way they've been powered today.

The transition to a sustainable energy supply requires efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly storage technologies. Water electrolysis and the associated power-to-gas technology for regenerative hydrocarbon generation principally meet these requirements, but have conversion efficiencies that are poor compared to batteries.

A patented device that attaches to any battery or device and results in utilizing all of the power left in a dead battery. We have proven prototypes for flashlights to smoke detectors to medical devices. It has the ability to dramatically lower the waste accumulated from dead batteries.

U.S. turbines kill 234,000 birds per year on average. When a bird flies into a patch of air immediately after a blade tip has passed by, the sudden drop in pressure can reportedly rupture its lungs, a condition known as "barotrauma.

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