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The first graphic shows storm wave energy up to 7 kw per meter of wavefront for Lake Erie. These storm waves cause millions of dollars of damage along the shorelines and climate change is making them more violent every year.

Whether it’s electrical energy from the grid, wind, photovoltaic or hydro, the only way to guarantee energy delivery when it's needed is Storage. Thermal energy is the most useful form of energy. When stored in its pure ‘thermal’ form, especially as heat,


Sargassum is a natural, even essential, part of the Caribbean's ecosystem but these recent blooms are having a devastating impact on the region, both ecologically and economically. Many tourist areas and islands were inundated this year. It piles up on beaches,

Low Temperature Green Energy Power Generation

Energy Source:
"Even if only 1% of the thermal energy contained within the uppermost 10 kilometers of our planet could be tapped, this amount would be 500 times that contained in all oil and gas resources of the world."

A Wealth Generator is an arrangement of graphics cards that have been arranged to perform cryptocurrency mining.

This Wealth Generator mines Ethereum (ETH) but can be used to mine other Cryptos as well.

Hydropower is one of the most important renewable resources for energy. There are, however, drawbacks. Firstly, there is an ethical problem. Fish are hindered to migrate upstream and are stressed, wounded or killed migrating downstream. All over the world plans are made to mitigate this, e.g.

The counter tillage machines are rotating in the counter rotation to the tractor wheels.

The cutting shanks are mounted on the rotating shaft in different angles and they cut very small depth in the soil.

Underwater sounds of varying intensity and duration are generated during the four stages of a wind farm’s life cycle:

Pre-construction, which often includes geophysical/seismic surveys to assess site condition and increased vessel traffic to and from the site;

Construction, which may include pile driving, drilling, excavation with explosives,

Is an agricultural harvest aid, meant to eliminate or drastically reduce loss of product. Also ease collection and transport of product.

Basically an easily deployed harvesting/net system, with standard orchard/farm equipment that will be assembled and temporarily attached to and below the fruit/nut bearing limbs of the tree(s).

A typical electric bike ranging 60KM per full charge will take more than 3 hours to charge and limited availability of public space makes it difficult to install charging stations. In this model, a powertrain is proposed for an electric bike which has its own power generation system.

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