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What problem does this idea solve? Improvements in electrical device efficiency, such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED, have lowered total electrical consumption in the USA. While this trend will likely continue,

This means of energy storage captures excess electric power from renewable sources, or from the grid, with an electric motor / generator and stores that energy with a mechanically connected energy storage spring. When the stored electric power is required,


Sargassum is a natural, even essential, part of the Caribbean's ecosystems but these recent blooms are having a devastating impact on the region, both ecologically and economically. Many tourist areas and islands were inundated this year. It piles up onbeaches,

The United States is not ready for the effects of climate change and the future demand for power.

It’s abundantly clear that the power grid in the United States is not ready for the effects of climate change, including the extreme weather events that come with it. After all,

Self-Winding Generator™
Patent No. US 7,127,886 B2

An energy storage spring, similar in nature to a self-winding watch's mainspring and fabricated from spring steel, stores the rotational energy captured and transferred from the facility's turbines.

This device captures ALL power sources: Solar, fuel, wind, water motion, etc. adapting humanity to ANY energy.

Many MANY pistons in a closed-system provide the TIME to heat and cool the pistons for power generation from heat. Converting to non-heat power sources (wind &

The Land Aquatic Park environs is to utilize flora found locally to render contaminants neutral and less harmful state as a biological machine.

Oil spills in oceans and waterways are self-evident. This described technology is an inexpensive method of remediating the spill. It is a compost derived from fruits and vegetables in a patented bioreactor inoculated with specific bacillus.

Hollow Generator™
Patent No. US 7,843,099 B2

For installations where flows are regulated, the Hollow Hydroelectric Generator™ provides a more efficient and compact means for generating electricity than do other designs. The Hollow Hydroelectric Generator™ itself is an extension of the previously introduced Hollow Turbine,

We need to redeploy the human workforce for sustainability.

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