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Sargassum is a natural, even essential, part of the Caribbean's ecosystems but these recent blooms are having a devastating impact on the region, both ecologically and economically. Many tourist areas and islands were inundated this year. It piles up on beaches,

Hollow Turbine™
Patent No. US 8,080,913 B2

Constructed from stainless steel or composite carbon fibers with a titanium veneer, this award winning turbine design effectively captures the kinetic energy available off our coastlines and inland waterways. As seen in this partial diagram,

Robotic electric powered system for operating electric powered farm machines along it, while moving from row to row perpendicular to its length on electric powered wheels. The machines are collecting the electric energy from over hanging cables along the system.

Boron fusion reactors fuse 2 atoms of Boron into a heavier element using high powered lasers and provide clean energy. This technology has been proven to be cost effective and produces a lot of energy.

New Use for the Self-Winding Generator
Patent No. US 7,127,886 B2

In-A-Nutshell: solar-thermal energy is transformed into electricity and used to electrolyze ocean water into hydrogen that is later combined with atmospheric oxygen to provide potable water and electricity,

Retired wind turbines routinely end up in the waste stream. Current efforts to divert the trash towards other uses include creating playground structures, or grinding the composite materials into pellets to reuse as aggregate in future composite structures.

Even if the environmental and ethical impact of animal husbandry is globally known; even if plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular; even if alternative sources to animal proteins are increasingly within everyone's reach; meat represents and will represent always one of the bases of our diet.


It is time to start a worldwide electrical grid. A feasibility study needs to be started now. The technology exists to build a worldwide electrical grid now. The power would be transmitted with direct current to minimize losses from converting DC to AC.

The Hydrogen Economy is most often refereed to in conjunction with hydrogen powered automobiles, whose hydrogen is, ironically, most often produced from hydrocarbons. The barriers to this scheme are enormous. What is outlined here, in contrast,

The main problem in harnessing shore’s water wave energy is because it is not unidirectional. Meaning the water movement of the shore wave does not travel in one direction; instead it moves forward and backward which makes it extremely challenging to be converted into mechanical energy to be utilized.

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