SpaceShield 3 - Space Environmental Protection

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This invention relates to technology used for creating an enhanced artificial magnetosphere and an electromagnetic shield for use in both manned and unmanned spacecraft. This technology will reduce the exposure of astronauts or other space travelers, as well as radiation-sensitive equipment, to the environmental hazards present therein.

Space travel has been a reality of modern life since the early 1950’s. Much progress has been made in both manned and unmanned missions.

Yet both manned and unmanned spacecraft, modern or not, are exposed to the same environmental hazards present in interplanetary space. These hazards and others will be a concern of future, more ambitious missions. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) categorize the space environment as having four (4) components: Vacuum, Neutral, Plasma and Radiation. This invention will focus on the last two components, namely Plasma and Radiation.

There are two components to this invention. The first is the use of an Interference Generating Pattern (IGP) which is tuned to the high-frequency radiation of X-rays and gamma rays. The IGP will create a shield against the electromagnetic radiation danger identified by NASA and prevalent in the space environment.

The second component of this invention is a conformal magnetic field. As such, this artificially produced magnetic shield, referred to as the Artificial Magneto Sphere or AMS, behaves identically to the Earth’s naturally-produced magnetosphere, but this resultant AMS field will take the shape of the spacecraft it is protecting. The artificial magnetosphere of the invention acts the same way as the Earth’s magnetosphere does. Namely, it creates a path which enables charged particles to slip around the spacecraft, in a manner similar to the way the Earth shields against charged particles from the Sun’s “solar wind”.

It is the combination of IGP and artificial magnetic field (AMS) that enhances the artificial magnetosphere.


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