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National security is one of the important concerns for a nation, but with the current status, we are not able to assure it 100% with the given situation of intruders. So we are planning to implant a new system to solve this issue. The device will be concealed under or on the ground which is designed to detect a human presence in the respective territory which it has been implanted using Passive IR Sensors. When a person enters this IR radius, the microphone implanted in this device will get activated, which can give us an audio confirmation that the person has intruded into our area.

The proposed system is cost effective and can be used in remote areas where army patrolling is limited. The system is programmed using Arduino with multiple sensors to enhance human detection more specific and accurate. The device will work on solar energy and the data will be transferred to headquarters with an RF transmitter which turns security alerts whenever an intruder approaches the sensor’s territory, which can help trace the intruders. Its self adjusting system helps to retract or project itself according to the weather ground cover conditions. The outer covering will be made of plastic in order to avoid it from getting detected and to reduce the weight.


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