Many countries of the world are using underground water extensively. We mostly use this water for drinking or watering crops. The proposed project considers the possibility of obtaining electricity from the groundwater used.

Now is the time to build new infrastructure and transform the way we travel. Engineers are creating autonomous self-driving vehicles that could produce a transit service that is convenient and low-cost. Combine that with the emergence of electric vehicles of all types,

The energy-free energy generator relates to a power tool which needs no fuel and no electric power supply. It is light and rapid and has strong power and aims at saving the earth and eliminating haze. With an increased number of features, mobile devices like smart phones,

The mystery has been in the mist. Cryptocurrency has left many in its wake as the future of digital currency makes present its very presence and the only crystal solution in the midst of the plethora of financial instruments this towers as the one.

Grand in its inception,

Sleeping eye pads and sleeping band for head that have integrated speakers, microphones, heart rate sensor and 3-axis G sensor.

Speakers could be connected with phone by bluetooth to lookup on your health when you sleep.

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