The Google Maps Drone

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The Google Maps Drone delivers goods/packages to map markers in Google maps. This is user-friendly and doesn't require knowledge of operating a drone. Anyone who can use a Google map can operate the Google Maps Drone. With a projected six-month window of competition and a six-month start-up sales phase by month thirteen, we are looking for sourcing to complete the project and sustain the hard costs during the start-up. This drone will be cutting edge with very little competition in the marketplace. It not only delivers goods based on Google Maps but can be tracked via GPS by the user.

We are designing a drone delivery platform that is user-friendly and will be marketed to the general public and humanitarian relief organizations. The goal is to make basic package delivery readily available for any application eliminating the need for outside services. Google Maps Drone is a system that will be available on a company-owned eCommerce website. We are developing a flight system that interfaces directly with Google maps to accomplish package delivery.

The Google Maps Drone works by delivering common goods/packages to map markers in Google maps. The flight system will utilize web programming languages and Lidar to avoid obstacles and over-the-counter parts. Once built, the Google Maps Drone will fly to various map marker locations in Google maps. User implementation is an easy three-step process. Step one is attaching the package to the drone. In step two, the user opens Google maps (a particular version), and in step three, the user places a market on the map. This is very user-friendly. The user does not require knowledge of a drone or a pilot's license to operate the Google Maps Drone. The user will be able to track their package through Google GPS.

The market for the Google Maps Drone is the general public. Humanitarian relief organizations can also utilize these maps drones to reach remote areas to deliver supplies. The main competition for the Google Maps Drone is Amazon Prime drones. However, The Google Maps Drone is more accessible, and user-friendly anyone who can use Google maps can operate our drone. Sales and distribution will take place on an eCommerce page by us. The site will be marketed via digital marketing. The Google Maps Drone will be functional with adequate sourcing.


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