Consumer Product Design

Every year countless bush fires destroy homes, personal belongings, memories, and personal effects. Bush fires are now happening all over the world and the devastation is heart breaking. So, how can we look after our property and protect our memories, our children, our lives?

DreamBox aims to give a new concept to classic piggy banks by encouraging and educating children to save money in a fun way. It helps children save money for two separate goals. After they decide their goals, they can find the picture of their goals,

BlisCare is an EdTech innovation that aims to provide affordable digital education solutions for visually impaired students with a Digital Braille Display System (Braille Tablet) which can replicate at real time into digital braille (in the form of Digital Tablet) that will replicate any text,

Increased food and labor prices have caused profitability to become near impossible for restaurants and food producers. Consumer demand for convenience and variety has skyrocketed. Consumers currently spend seventeen days a year on meal preparation and cleanup or 325% more to eat out.

Every athlete knows there is a risk of getting hurt. The challenge is how to lower that risk. Athletes and their parents, teammates, coaches, and trainers focus on better training, pre-competition preparation, and making fewer mistakes. While these strategies are helpful,

The invention is a shelf assembly with a hidden compartment accessed by a sequential multi-stage lock. The shelf assembly may be utilized for security of personal or business items. The shelf assembly may be constructed from a flexible material, such as a polymer,

The Head Mounted Display Evaporator is the perfect place to put away your VR Headset in between sessions. It especially shines when having friends over for a night of Beat Saber, and the sweat would make the headset gross to share.


Deficiency-symptom/s solver/ remover

Failure of fertilizers to sweeten fruits eg sweeten fruits or great flavours [making fruits develop great taste]

Failure of fertilizers to [stimulate/ stabilize] flowers to bloom effectively & productively
eg prevent eg early dropping-off before maturity,

My goal of creating advertising layouts for the automotive industry is to change the very concept of building advertising images in the content of the semantic line of advertising projects consisting of the harmony of high technology and the perfection of nature in the future!

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