Communication plays an important role in everyday life. We as human beings tend to communicate our needs to one another.

The interface like "Caps lock" should be provided to copy the text whatever I was writing now onwards by keeping that interface in high mode until I make that interface low.

Now the content to be pasted gets copied to the software now use "ctrl v" or pasted opt to paste wherever needed.

While the importance of physical (social) distancing in reducing the spread of COVID-19 has been well-documented, implementing similar controls in public transit remains an open question. For instance, in the United States, guidance for maximum seating capacity in single-destination public transit settings, such as school buses,

Problem Statement:

Elder people, pregnant women, and children with a heart problem should periodically monitor their health.

Due to COVID-19, they are unable to go outside and monitor their health condition.

This may also require huge sum of money.

Problem Statement:
Wastewater that leaks out of defective pipe joints and cracks contaminate ground and surface water and cause a host of other problems, including pipe structure failures due to erosion of soil support, and sinkholes due to erosion of underground soil.

A multifunctional soil testing device is used to increase the yield of agricultural goods. By analyzing the soil's subsistence, this device assists in reducing the amount of fertilizer used while increasing the yield of highly nutritious food crops.

With the advent of war between Russia and Ukraine and the recovery from COVID-19, we can see that there is a noticeable shortage of food for the population. Having food nearby will be cost saving and convenient in terms of supply chain.

Pollution of water is one of the main threats in recent times as drinking water is getting contaminated and polluted. The polluted water can cause various diseases to humans and animals, which in turn affects the life cycle of the ecosystem.


To develop a contactless attendance system.


A unique RFID card will be programmed and given to a particular person; if that card comes at a particular range between the RFID reader,

I am working on developing biodegradable environmental sensors from RFID-based technology. These sensors can be deployed in an area where they will expand to full size and be able to measure certain environmental parameters.

In particular,

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