"Recoilless" Pneumatic Paintball Marker

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The "Recoilless" Pneumatic Paintball Marker is accurate, quiet, recoilless (part of accuracy), and reliable. It is comprised of a single internal pneumatic part driven by a precisely controlled electric motor. The unique features are that it loads, discharges, and reloads a paintball projectile all in one motion. There are no parts that move back and forth or oscillate. It offers "high-end" performance at a "low-end" cost. It is very simple as it has just one part inside.

I have simulated a design that requires half the operating pressure that's in the video. This would reduce the power and torque requirements of the electric motor. I would like to build a final prototype (production prototype) that could be sold on the market today. The patent is no longer valid; however, there are trade secrets that might protect it.



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