Magnetic Energy Outer Space Propulsion System

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In the creation of MEOSPS from the NASA Skylab gymnastics video ( timestamp :27 to :30 along with timestamp 1:09 to 1:21 and from the NASA Skylab movement in microgravity video ( timestamp 1:04 to 1:07 where we observe that to divert an equal opposite reactive forward or reverse linear momentum an adjacent to the linear motion angular spin is needed, so the dual adjacent spinning electromagnets were created. In the creation of MEOSPS from the UCLA lecture ( magnetic flux induced onto Pyrolytic Carbon diamagnetic repulsion is created causing linear movement of the outer space spacecraft or satellite that it is connected. In the creation of MEOSPS from the electrical alternator lecture ( the dual adjacent spinning electromagnets are powered by an electrical alternators integrated into both spinner housing and the repulsive reactive equal opposite force from the electromagnets interaction and reaction from Pyrolytic Carbon turns the alternator's rotor to create voltage and charging capacitors for continued electromagnets using recharging batteries or supercapacitors banks.


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    Gregory Spaulding
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