Entrant Profile

Saidmurod Abrorov

Location: Tashkent, Toskent Uzbekistan


Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: In my point of view, everyone has their own meteoric moment in life, that identifies the true matter of it for them. In order to find own cup of tea, a person should bear in mind his identities, personal background, passions, talents and opportunities in surrounding environment to realize himself. However, some people just waste their valuable time staying nameless. That meteoric moment which I mentioned above, for me, was a competition of young innovators called "Technoways", held in fall 2021 by the Ministery of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

My father is an urban architect with 20 years of work experience in his field, for this reason, from a very young age, I have familiarized with projecting and building processes of different constructions. Every time when I got an excellent mark at kindergarden or primary school my father brought me to his office where I used to play computer games as Warcraft, Counter-Strike or FIFA07. Apart from gaming, I helped his collegues with some office work. I printed out projects, checked incomplete plans of constructions in old versions of CREDO DAT and Autocad or just prepared tea for them. While being engaged with those tasks, I unconsciously became more proficient in computer science and projecting compared to my peers, and then I began to dream about my future company by drawing its logo on a draft.

Until the end of 8th grade I have tried to attend varied activities, for example, swimming, rocket modelling, karate, USCTF(Uzbekistan Single Combat Turon Federation), and had a list of honorable achievements. But, unfortunately, on February of 2018 my career in sports has ended due to an injury. Then I found a new hobby, jewellery, which made me patient, attentive and much more creative than a sportsman version of me. Furthermore, in this year it was announced that there will be opened Presidential Schools for gifted children with many new amenities, about which I cannot even imagine studying at average state school. After several months of hard training, I won the third place all over the Republic of Uzbekistan in an exam combining Maths, Physics, IT, English and became a student of specialized boarding-school named after Mirzo Ulughbeg, which belongs to the Agency of Presidential Educational Institutions. This school has played a role of a milestone in my both academic and social life providing opportunities, about which I couldn't even dream in the past.

After a short period from opening of my new school, the school administration decided to elect a school president. It was not only a new thing to our school but to whole Uzbekistan as there never was a school president at any educational facility of the country. Then I thought that it would be a great chance to boost my career. Firstly, I began to talk with students about their free time activities and how to make them more enjoyable. Secondly, I analysed what I can really change in this school. Finally, I demonstrated my presentation which was based on demands and looked alike more realistic. Thanks to my supportive classmates I was elected as a school president two times in a row, and right now I’m still working in this position. I usually work with students to resolve problems and inform school administration of ideas emanating from the class. I also have the responsibility of leading class cabinet meetings and organizing student activities and events. During this two years of work, I have organized uncountable number of various events: sports chanpionships, cybersport championships, debate clubs, intellectual games, meetings with celebrities and businessmen, Model United Nations and others.

As I mentioned earlier, the turning point of my entire life was in middle of October in 2021, when my project called "Choose and Build" was recognized as one of the 100 the best innovations in our country. Then, in "Technoways", I have become the youngest innovator of the Republic of Uzbekistan 2021. My project is an online platform which is aimed to turn the construction industry into digital format creating a number of advancements for architects, engineers, constructors, builders, building materials sailor and their customers. At the beginning, it was really hard to find partners in this industry, but now it has become much more easier. On 22-23th December of 2021, I have been selected as one of the 150 most actitive youth of Tashkent and attended the TYMUN (Tashkent Youth Model United Nations) held in Congress Hall being a delegate of Georgia. There I had an opportunity to have a conversation with an American ambassador in Uzbekistan about "Choose and Build". He liked my project because of its innovative functions which has no alternative analogues.

To conclude, I have a strong passion to realize my project requiring hard skills which can be learnt in high education. Moreover, I believe that the globalization of "Choose and Build" over the world will accelarate the evolution process of constructions industry by several decades. Sometimes people ask me about the amount of time I spent on my project making it so original, innovative, complicated and realistic. In this case, I cannot say the exact number of hours, days or weeks, this is because I dedicated whole life to it.