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Philip Hardcastle

Location: Glen Innes, New South Wales Australia

Company: AquaFuge

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: 3

Inspired by: Searching for real, viable and cost effective technologies that will help people live better lives, and with much lower environmental costs. I love the K.I.S.S approach, take a good idea and distill, and refine it, and do it again and again, until it is truly minimal and doable.
My invention is cheaper, safer and better, it is K.I.S.S, and it inspires me, so I hope it inspires others and that they will adopt this.
The World needs food and therefore reliable water production at low cost, my invention ticks all the boxes. Please vote for TriboFuge

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06/28 Swirl AC Sustainable Technologies 1743 3