A New Flavored Cheap Medicine for Different Diseases and Health Problems

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1.Project Description:

Tamarind fruit pulp is a sour fruit that has medicinal properties and specially it acts as a medicine to reduce high blood pressure. In general if high concentrated tamarind juice is drunk by a high blood pressure person then his/her blood pressure suddenly comes to normal or near normal. So I decided to make packet juice in cheap whose main constituent will be tamarind juice with preservatives and other little ingredients. This juice will be available in pharmacies and on summer days it will be favorite for high blood pressure patients and this juice will act as a high blood pressure medicine by replacing common drugs against high blood pressure.

On cold days juice is not a favorite for customers but tea is a very favorite drink, so introducing tamarind juice in tea as a new type of tea which will called ‘tamarind tea’ it will also delicious as lemon tea. By taking tamarind tea at recommended quantity a high blood pressure person can get rid of high blood pressure.

There are also some special concentrated drink/powder/tablet made from tamarind fruit pulp which will be available in the market that will suddenly lower the blood pressure if any person’s blood pressure increases suddenly at high rate.

From tamarind fruit pulp another medicine in drink/powder/tablet form can be made which will dealcoholize a alcoholic person because the ingredients of tamarind pulp has property of dealcoholizing a alcoholic person’s body when it is consumed by body through drinking.

2. Commercial acceptability of the project/idea:

For producing above products there is no need of sophisticated technology, highly educated engineers/person. These products, manufacturing company can also be established at rural areas at low capital and also raw materials are cheap and easily available. In India most of the areas are rural so this type of manufacturing industry and medicines are helpful for villager’s health and income.

*Tamarind fruit pulp ingredients also resist diabetes and control diet.


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