Entrant Profile

Siddartha Khastgir

Location: Aachen, NRW Germany

Company: Independent

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Hobbies and activities: My hobbies include watching football (soccer) and I follow it wearing my heart on my sleeve. I am an ardent fan of Manchester United and have been following them for the past 13 years. Having followed them for such a long time, it has inculcated in me a n

Online communities: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter

Inspired by: Creativity and Innovation are two the main ideas that have inspired me during my design process. Moreover, making a difference in the life of a person is a goal with which I do my designs.
I believe that the most important aspect of design is not the design itself, but the “defining the problem” to which the design caters to. There are innumerable gaps within our daily lives which if identified and solved through design, have the power to make our lives even better. In short in believe in “Improving the lives: through design”.