Quantum Frostless Heat Pump with MPR Valve

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The Frostless Heat Pump and sequence saves approximately 10% of energy expended in the heating mode of a refrigeration cycle heat pump. Energy savings are achieved through the anticipation and prevention of frost on the outdoor coil, while the unit is in-cycle, heating the target load. The more frost that builds on the coil, linearly the more capacity and efficiency of the system diminish. Therefore, the more back-up heat (most often electric resistance heat) is required to be added to maintain desired indoor temperature. Every conventional heat pump reverses cycle to melt outdoor coil ice, when heat transfer diminishes from ice. Defrost in itself, requires large amounts of energy, which essentially is expended to overcome the effects of energy already expended.

The Quantum Frostless Heat Pump with MPR Valve (modulating proportioning reversing valve) uses part of the system energy, with at times very precisely added outside energy, to stave off the build up of ice, while remaining in the heating cycle at partial capacity. This is the first heat pump to employ concepts of quantum physics in transferring and placing small amounts of energy within a system. The savings of frost-less technology has been proven through the frost-less heat pump project at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2001.

Heat Pump for home and building heating is the fastest rising method in the US, and the world. The MPR Valve and innovative sequence of operation of the Quantum Frostless Heat Pump here, is continuing to develop with hybrid, green, sustainable exterior heat sources to further augment the impressive energy savings already achieved through this technology. Heat Pump efficiency increases have all but topped out, and 'new' conventional defrost strategies are two dimensional, and therefore can achieve only limited and minor savings increases, which amount to 'tweaking'.

The Quantum Frostless Heat Pump employs multidimensional yet straightforward strategies, for a truly green heat pump system with a sustainable future.

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