Entrants 2024

Oswaldo Acosta

Anmol Agarwal
The Binary To Grey Code Convertor (Modified Version for Youth)

Gerald Barnett
Cryodynamic Ballast System

Jose Antonio Cano Gomez
IBOTMART: Automated Basket Disinfection and Stacking for Supermarkets and Chain Stores
Showermix: The Eco-Friendly Handheld Shower with Integrated Body Wash and Shampoo Dispenser

Samar Choudhury
Port Cylinder Deactivation Technology

Ashley Crossman

Guido Danieli
ROSES - RObotic System for Endovascular Systems

Vivek Dawange
An Improved Thermal Management Design of Lithium Ion Battery Packs for Improved Performance and Safety

Jonah Emeson

Chukwudi Ezebuilo

Francisco Jose Fuertes Moreno

Pranab Jyoti Ghosh
A New Kind of Wind Power Generation

Juan Gonzalez
Ecotable System

Brian Goodman
Bullet-Less Electromagnetic Field Pistol

Andrei Gorelov

Rod Hartwig

Peta Hill
The Scavenger

Michael Holihan
Control System and Method to Mitigate Reverse Oil Flow to the Combustion Chamber on Deactivated Cylinders

Alex Isakov
Digital Time Machine

Abhinamra Jaiswal
Project X1

Nimrod Kilim
K-Optics Optical Educational Kit

Tariro Mafohla
Anti-Roll Device for Quadbikes and Related Machinery Called Retroex Props

Luis Ricardo Mercado Mendoza
An Easy, Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Plan to melt an Iceberg for Fresh Water

Md Shaikhul Hadis Nazat
AI-Enhanced Universal Blueprint Generator for Electrical and Electronics Engineering (AI-UBGEEE)
The Ultimate Weapon Concept: Photonic Gun

Marcos Novoa Sarria
Anti-Gyroscopic Effect Wheel: A Patented Innovation for Motorcycles and Vehicles

David Pradera
Conditioning Machine for Personalized Nutritional Supplements Connected to the Computerized Medical History

Matthew Primous
Future Multi-Hybrid Car

Xina Quan
Wearable, Non-invasive, Continuous Blood Pressure Monitors for Maternal Health

David Reid
The Illuminati Project

Daryian Rhysing
Next-Gen Plasma Based Propulsion

Sergio Rios
Defense System: Advanced Solution for Mosquito Control

Michael Rosenfield
Phantom Driver

Walter Seaborn

Sindavalam Sharath
Physical Adsorption and Biological Fixation of Nitrogen From Intake Air in Internal Combustion Engines

Balasubramaniam Sk
Motor Controllers for eMobility

Anmol Taploo
A New Way To Stay In Space : Self Neutralizing Air Breathing Plasma Thruster

Pierre Touma
XSight Optics : A hand-held rPPG Medical Diagnostics Device

Fevzi Zeren