Engine cooling method which is implemented by alternating it with the thermodynamic cycle. When the control unit deems it appropriate, the engine changes its operating mode for several engine revolutions, interrupting its thermodynamic cycle and activating this cooling method.

An unmanned aerial system (UAS) that is worn on a person and can collect intelligence through video and other mounted sensors while projecting power through lethal or less than lethal means.

Perhaps you or someone you know uses a cart, a dolly, a hand truck. Do you find yourself having to having to buy and keep all three units available for daily work or as needed?

Thermal insulation holds a prominent place in our modern world, providing a way to reduce energy consumption and promote a healthier lifestyle. Unlike traditional insulation materials, which tend to be bulky, thick, and heavy, a new generation of superthermal insulation materials or fillers is emerging.

In the world of helicopters, very high speed is the Holy Grail. The aerodynamics of helicopter rotors limit the top speed of a conventional helicopter to about 285 MPH.

The primary reason is the advancing rotor blade tips airspeed must not exceed about 1,000 feet per second (Mach .

Global energy will shift predominantly to hydrogen and electric over the next 50 years with vital decarbonization benefits for our global environment. Advancing aviation’s future-state hydrogen and electric technologies is crucial to its sustainable future. NOVAdev’s mission is bringing those Earth Friendly Flight™ solutions to life.

This is a research project in the field of Radio-Frequency Electronics (RF Electronics) which, first of all, analyzes all topologies,

Create a returnable plastics lottery system where reverse vending machines are used as "slot machines" and where any (authorized) plastic item could be deposited and where only very occasionally would the depositor win a (relatively) large dollar amount prize.

Reverse vending machines have already been invented.

A large amount of plastic is used in day-to-day life but near to half is recycled. Recycled plastic goes through many processes until it becomes pellets for sale which are used for plastic molding and making new products.

Worldwide, over 40 million tons of plastic packaging is produced annually. Most of it is put to one time use and discarded. These include food packaging films, which constitute about 37%, or 14.8 million tons.

Their disposal has become a major issue in terms of waste management, environmental degradation,

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