Clip appliers are reusable surgical instruments widely used to ligate tubular structures such as blood vessels. They are available in many lengths and diameters and for use with various sized clips.
Over its lifetime, the instrument is subjected to many degradation such as:


Biological contamination (dried residues,

Marty, the hybrid autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and remote-operated vehicle (ROV), is a groundbreaking innovation designed to unlock the mysteries of the deep sea and revolutionize underwater exploration. At its core, Marty serves as a beacon of possibility,

Third Bridge Now Freeway Corridor Is Necessary For Our Health, Safety, Economy, Environment, And Sanity

The 2002 transportation study concerning Portland / Vancouver pointed out that with have fewer bridges than similar size metropolitans. The study showed adding two bridges would still tie us for last place.

In many types of rotating equipment (cars, boats, helicopters, pumps, compressors), regular wear and tear bring about a gradual increase in unbalancing of the rotating components. In an industrial settings, unbalancing is one of the most common causes of failures (e.g. bearing wear, mechanical seal; etc.).

Electric-vehicles’ ascendance may help save Earth’s future, but may need out-of-the-box concepts to Create that Future, specifically “Back-to-the-Future” thinking: Reconsider 1900’s 33,842 US cars: 22%-ICE, 40%-steam, 38%-electric, including Lohner-Porsche’s petrol/electric-hybrid “carriage” powered by electric-motors inside each huge,

The system learns how to control the environment to provide best conditions for plant growth.

The EVAA R&D Project is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to revolutionize the way plants are cultivated in indoor hydroponic farms.

NavTrack is an innovative indoor navigation and occupancy monitoring system that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the way people navigate large building complexes. Designed to address the challenges faced by occupants in finding specific locations within buildings and ensuring their safety during emergency evacuations,

Avian influenza (AI) is a growing global problem. It seriously threatens the livelihood of poultry growers by killing domestic poultry such as chickens, ducks, and turkeys, etc. In the current AI outbreak in the US alone, over 58 million domestically raised chickens have been killed.

IMHO, the following will be the most impactful tech in the near future - the Sub-Quantum Scope [SQS].

It is a simple, compact, world-record resolving power microscope technology that, in it's crude prototype iteration,

Valves often develop leaks as they age. This is disruptive, wasteful, and can cause damage in residential settings, but can be far more problematic in industrial applications such as petrochemical, hydrogen, and semiconductor plants. Leaking valves can cause fires, explosions, environmental hazards, and safety hazards.

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